St. Luke's United Methodist Church
Friday, December 02, 2022
A Missional Church

Hurricane Phone Tree


We are creating a phone tree for the church so that we can check on church members after hurricanes, etc. Please find your name on the church directory at the Welcome Table on Sunday and update your contact information. Please make sure we have a cell phone number for you if you have one, because landlines often don't work during storms. You can also check whether or not you want to be a part of the phone tree. If you prefer, you can call the church office at 504-486-3982 between 9AM-Noon on weekdays to update your contact information.
We will do a test run of our Hurricane Phone Tree during the 1st week of November so that we can make sure that our phone numbers are correct and it is in working order in the case of a disaster. So be on the lookout during that week for a phone call from one of our team captains.